You can indicate if an office is preferred (like doing business with) or blocked (does not want to do business with). When an office is marked as either blocked or preferred, you will be able to filter your search results to see only those that are preferred and offices that are blocked will no longer show up as a match to your search.

Note:  this feature is only available on DAT One Office subscription

Marking an office with a blocked or preferred label can be done clicking on the company name and selecting the action you want to perform. If this is an office that you like doing business with, then click the Add to Preffered button and you can then filter your search results to show only those offices that you prefer. Conversely, if this is an office that you do not wish to do business with, click the Block this Office button and they will no longer show up as matches to your search.

Note: If you change your mind, clicking the buttons again will reverse the action of preferring or blocking an office.

Once you have offices that are selected as preferred, you can click the PREFERRED filter at the top of the list to see only those offices on your results.

Whereas DAT Power will block the matches you have receive on offices that you’ve marked as blocked, you can still see them if you wish by clicking the BLOCKED filter.

At any point you find that you need to manage your list of preferred or blocked offices, you can click on the link to do so and be taken to the DAT Directory™ where you can see and edit the complete list of these offices

Note: Alarms do not sound when a match from a blocked office is received.