DAT Power adds the ability to see your postings from different views. This allows you to manage postings more effectively by switching your posting views in a variety of ways:

  • Group: Displays all postings from other users in your office as well as any postings transmitted through a TMS. This will only display other user’s postings if they have any posted.
  • Mine: Displays just your postings and eliminates any other group postings from your view.
  • All: Displays all postings regardless of their status.
  • Posted: Displays only postings that are currently active.
  • Unposted: Displays postings that have been cancelled or removed within 24 hours of being posted.
  • Expired: Displays postings that have expired (older than 24 hours and younger than 48 hours).
  • Kept: Postings that have been saved and will be retained indefinitely in DAT Power. (If you use a lane frequently we recommend using the “Keep” feature to save you time when posting loads).

Each posting view will only display up to 500 postings at one time based on your sort order. If at any point you cannot find a particular posting that should be present, try re-sorting your postings by a different method.