When you are using DAT Power on a tablet device or on a computer with a smaller screen, some columns (eg. Rate, DTP, CS) are removed and placed within the details of the match.  The information is still present, but must be viewed by clicking the match to expand it.

This happens because the resolution is too low to fit all of the columns on the screen.  The behavior is typically seen on mobile devices or smaller laptops, but can also present itself on a desktop pc set to a low resolution (eg. 1024 x 768).

  • Sometimes this feature may temporarily trigger, usually when the computer is going through updates. If you used to have the rate column showing and now it is not, try restarting their device and checking for updates.

  • Check the zoom level on the browser. Ensure it is set to 100% then refresh the browser.

  • Sometimes clearing cookies and cache helps.

  • Sometimes a simple page refresh fixes it as well.