When a broker or shipper posts a load, they are offered the ability to post their per mile or flat rate for it. Not all brokers and shippers will opt to post their rate, encouraging carriers to call into them for that information. However, when they do post their rate, you will find it within the details of their posting.

Note: When accessing search results from a mobile device, the Rate column will not be visible and the rate will be displayed in the details of the posting when expanded.

To know if a rate being offered by the broker/shipper is what other carrier's in this lane are being paid, compare it to the Broker Spot rate being displayed on the result when expanded.

In the example above, the rate being offered by the broker is $1875/flat. The Broker Spot rate is $1761/flat. This indicates that the rate being offered by the broker is more than other carriers have been making in the same lane.

Tip: You can sort the Rate column to display all the postings that have a broker/shipper posted rate at the top of your list.