DAT Power offers several ways for you to access rate information on lanes. To do a quick rate lookup on a lane, select QUICK RATE SEARCH.

Select the equipment type, the origin and the destination and click Search. This will return to you the broker spot rate for the lane and all of the details about that rate, depending on your subscription level.

Clicking the SHIPPER-TO-CARRIER CONTRACT rate button at the bottom will switch to contract rate instead of the broker spot rate.

For Power users that have included a RateView subscription, you will see the following details about rate:

  • timeframe the rate was based on (e.g. 7 days)
  • geography the rate was based on (e.g. Little Rock Mkt to Lakeland Mkt)
  • fuel surcharge calculated by the Department of Energy weekly
  • number of reports and companies that generated the rate returned

For Power users that do not subscribe to RateView, DAT will provide you with a broker spot lite rate. Broker spot lite rates are based on a 90 day history and a geography of Expanded Market to Expanded Market. The number of reports and companies that the rate is based on will not be available.

Rate information will also display to you when you post and search as long as you provide a city as an origin and destination. Rate information will also be available to you within the match details of your results.