You can cancel, terminate, suspend your service with DAT at any time.  If you change your mind, you can also reactivate.  If you do decide to cancel, be sure to download DAT One on your mobile device for a limited number of free loads and many trucker amenities.

Cancellation will occur at the end of your current billing cycle.  Until that date, you can continue to use DAT subscription until your account automatically closes at the end of your current billing period — even if you're on a free trial. You will not be charged again unless you restart your account.

Here are the directions to cancel your subscription.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to keep you on service.

  1. When logged into, click on Subscriptions
  2. Then click on the three vertical dots next to Active and you will see an option to Cancel Subscription
  3. Click on Cancel Subscription 

    cancel 3 elipse

  4. If you need to cancel your subscription or product due to an issue,  reach out to an experienced team member by clicking SEND EMAIL. Otherwise, lick CONTINUE TO CANCEL

  5. Select a Cancel Reason, specify your equipment type, size, and quantity, check the Terms & Conditions box, and click the blue Cancel Subscription button. 
  7. Once you have completed the cancel steps, you will see a message informing you that your subscription will be cancelled on their next bill cycle date so they will not get charged again. 

 Upon clicking Close, you will see a confirmation banner that your contract is cancelled and the effective date of that cancel.

DAT is a subscription based service and, therefore, does not issue refunds based on usage.  If you signed up for services with DAT, you are responsible for the monthly subscription fees. 

You can reactivate your account at any time by going to from you desk top browser.