This error may happen in all browsers and even android phones when attempting to load a page from DAT Directory, it may also include a "413 error".

For Chrome

If this happens then perform the following steps:

  1. In the Chrome menu- open an Incognito session, log in and verify the issue is not present.
  2. In the Chrome menu- select Help-> About and check for the latest updates.
  3. Clear Cache & Cookies:
    1. In the Chrome menu select History->History again, this opens a new tab.
    2. On the left side menu select "Clear Browsing Data" and a window pops up.
    3. Change the "Time" drop list to "All Time" and ensure "Cookies and other site data" and "cached Images and Files" boxes are checked and click the "Clear Data".
    4. Note that the process can take seconds or minutes.

For Safari

If this happens then perform the following steps:

  1. In the Safari menu - File > New Private Window and confirm if this happens in a private browser window
  2. Apple menu in the top left > System Preferences > Software Update, check and see if any updates are available 
  3. Clear Cache & Cookies
    1. In the Safari menu - Open the history dropdown menu and select clear history
    2. In the popup which appears, select the timeframe. (To be thorough, All Time is recommended. However this should work with 1 to 2 days cleared)
    3. Close and reopen safari and try to log in to

For Android phones:

Note: this can also happen to android phones

  1. In the Android- go to Settings-> Apps (or applications)->Loadboard
  2. Under Storage there should be buttons to "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache", click both.
    1. Note one of the buttons may clear both, the buttons will gray out when cleared, ignore any warnings about the app not working properly.
  3. Now go back to the app and try it again.