There are many trade associations and organizations that represent carriers, but what about about freight brokers and 3PLs? Who helps them get started, keeps them informed, and looks out for their interests?

For nearly 40 years, the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) has been meeting the needs of freight brokers, freight forwarders, and other intermediaries—large and small .

TIA Logo

TIA helps third party logistics professionals better manage their companies for growth and profit.This is done by:

  • LOBBYING to protect their businesses from harmful regulation and by providing a strong voice for this important industry to Congress, the Administration, states, courts, shippers, carriers, and international organizations.
  • Providing EDUCATION, RESEARCH, AND NETWORKING for CEOs and their employees designed to improve current operations, expand into new disciplines, and provide a competitive advantage for member companies.
  • Providing MEMBER BENEFITS, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS that provide recognizable returns on member dues investment and provide a competitive advantage for member companies.
  • Promoting the HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS for use by the professional 3PL industry.
  • Developing BEST PRACTICES to enhance and protect shareholder value.
  • Promoting the USE OF TIA MEMBERS by shippers and carriers.
  • Maintaining a STRONG AND GROWING ASSOCIATION that can continue to meet the needs of our members and the industry.

TIA members who are new to the industry find value in the sample contracts, educational webinars, and the Certified Transportation Broker program. Experienced members appreciate the publications that keep them up to date on industry issues, emerging trends, and the most recent data and statistics. All members benefit from TIA’s advocacy efforts to protect the interests of 3PLs.

Here are some of the benefits of TIA, available exclusively to members:

  • TIA Watchdog – TIA’s fraud prevention website, which allows members to warn one another and avoid problem carriers.
  • Model Contracts – Save time and money with our ready-to-use contracts, written and reviewed by a team of transportation attorneys.
  • TIA Frameworks – Expert-created guidelines to help you improve your business practices and make the right call in tough situations. Topics include Carrier Selection, Cargo Claims, Combating Fraud, Government Freight, and more.
  • TIA Logistics Publications – Members-only weekly and monthly newsletters with exclusive articles and insights to keep you up to date on industry trends.
  • Advocacy – Our Government Affairs team advocates to Congress and federal agencies on issues and regulations affecting your business.
  • TIA Education – Discounted rates on courses and seminars offered online, with courses on Temperature Control Transport, Partnership Selling, Certified Transportation Broker (CTB), and more.
  • TIA Logo – Stand out to shippers and carriers with the TIA logo on many major loadboards and your organization’s website.
  • Networking Opportunities – Discounted rates on registration and exhibition at conferences and meetings, which provide an opportunity to network with and learn from your peers.

How to become a member

TIA is made up of more than 1,600 member companies. Membership is corporate-based and, upon joining, all employees of the company become members. Annual membership dues are determined by the gross annual revenue of the company. To see the dues for a company of your size, view the TIA Membership Application.

To learn more, see the Member Benefits section of the TIA website, call (703) 299-5700, or e email