DAT is changing the way our users sign into our products and services.  Instead of using a username to login, we will be asking our users to sign in with an email address.  Change can be difficult, but there are several benefits of using an email address over a username and DAT has made the migration process easy to complete.

Why the change?

  • Better security. Individual email based logins provide better security.  Nobody can use your email address except you
  • Easy to remember. Everyone knows their own email address, right?  Pretty easy to just use that to login to your DAT account vs having to remember a username
  • One access point for all DAT products. Half of our users have been logging in with their emails since 2018, so it’s about time that the other half follow suit!
  • Self Service Access.  Having an email login also makes it easier to manage your account via account.dat.com.