Issue/symptom: Search results do not include specific dates or may exclude a date within range. This also may appear as "tomorrows" date when trying to post, search or edit a post.


Although the date and time is available in the Windows task bar, it is possible for the Region to be set in windows that is out of line with the systems settings. In the Date and Time section of windows "Set Time Zone" can be manually disabled and default clocks changed.




Update Chrome:

Click the Chrome menu and select Settings.

In the menu on the left select "About Chrome".

This automatically updates Chrome, then click "Relaunch" and the browser will close and reopen and populate the tabs.


Sync the system clock:

To check, right click the Date and Time in the windows task bar and select "Adjust Date and Time". See the current date and time and check to see if the "Set time automatically" is off. "Off" allows users to set their own date, time, and region in ways that don't align and should raise a flag.

Check and make sure Region matches where the user is physically located to a time zone in North America. Normally it's advised to enable both "Set time automatically" and "Set time zone automatically". Inaccurate dates, times and region will cause erroneous errors or contribute to a lack of results.

If the above doesn't work you may need to sync the system clock, this requires administration rights to the computer.

To Sync clock:

  1. Right click the Date/Time in the task bar.
  2. Select Adjust Date/Time
  3. In this window there's a button, "Sync Now", click it.
    1. If a User Login appears the user does not have administration rights and may need to bring in an Admin
  4. Once it syncs, close the browser, reopen the session and log in and try creating or editing a search/post, etc...

Separate Workaround

Sometimes this only affects Google Chrome.  Try to have the user use Mozilla Firefox and see if that can resolve the issue.