All city names in DAT One or Power must fit within 14 characters. While DAT One/Power is often very flexible with accepting names, it can help to understand our abbreviation rules in order to help find the correct city name more easily.

Certain starter words are abbreviated consistently, regardless of character length. These abbreviations are as follows:

  If the first word is...

  DAT prefers...

 North, South, East, West  N,S,E,W
 Fort  Ft
 Gr  Grand
 Mount  Mt
 Mountain  Mtn
 Saint, Sainte, Ste  St

There are many other abbreviations that are applied only to city names when exceeding the 14-character limit. These abbreviations are as follows:

  Common Word       Abbreviation    
 Beach  Bch
 Bluffs  Blfs
 Center, Centre  Ctr
 City  Cy
 Commerce  Cmmrce
 Creek  Ck
 Falls  Fls
 Gateway  Gtwy
 Harbor  Hbr
 Heights  Hts
 Industry  Indus
 Isle, Island  Is
 Junction  Jct
 Little  Ltl
 Mills  Mls
 Mount  Mt
 Mountain  Mtn
 Plains  Plns
 Point, Pointe  Pt
 River  Rvr
 Spring, Springs  Spg, Spgs
 Station  Sta
 Terrace  Trc
 Township  Twp
 Valley  Vly
 Village  Vlg
 Ville  Vl

Some city names have to be abbreviated dramatically to fit within the 14-character limit (e.g. Ltl Rvr Acdmy, TX). If you have difficulty finding the city name that DAT One or Power will accept, try entering the ZIP code instead.

Please note that we use the USPS's Zip Code Lookup as the source of truth for zip codes and associated city names.